From "Instructional" to "conversational" parenting for teenagers

Love your pre-teen/teenager, but he/she gets on your nerves by arguing, talking back, being uncooperative, disrespectful, not listening, ditching study, engaging in bad company? then this course is for you.

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Dr. Rahat Sayyad

Physician, Certified Parenting Coach and Host of Doctor Mommy Speaks Parenting podcast that is ranked 11th in the top parenting podcasts worldwide and is heard in over 51+ countries. I aim to empower parents so they understand their children better ... Read more

What you'll learn


1. Help teens decide between right and wrong by learning sensible decision making.


2. How to discipline your teen without yelling?


3. How to identify if your teen/pre-teen is being cyber-bullied and what can you do thereafter?


4. How to talk to teens so they listen the first time?


5. Tools to create a safe digital online experience for your kids.


6. How to talk about topics like sexting, safe sex with teens.


7. Help you talk about pornography and its ill-effects in a healthy way.


8. Certificate at the end of the course


9. Self paced learning at your own time with pre-recorded lectures if you miss the live sessions, because we know you're a parent.

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Dr. Rahat has helped me work on my relations with my teen boys who became seemingly difficult to live with especially during the pandemic. I loved her ... Read more

Jane (from Boston, USA)

Parent (mom of 3)


I took Dr. Rahat's course on Facebook and attended her workshops. I found them really useful. It prepared me for behaving in a certain way with teens ... Read more

Manali (from Rajasthan)

Parent (mom of 2)


I am a mother to a pre-teen. my girl started getting body image issues. she got extremely conscious of her looks thanks to her social circle and the t ... Read more

Priya (from Delhi)

Parent (mom of 1)


“Dr. Rahat helps parents understand their children medically, and figure out what their behaviour tells about them. I listened to the episode about an ... Read more

Madhusudan (from Germany)


Course Plan


How to talk to teenagers so they listen the first time.

Mom- how was your day? Teen- it was ok. Mom- What do you want to eat for lunch? Teen- anything. Mom- is something troubling you? Teen- Nope. Do conversations in your house sound anything similar. I will show you how to create the space for open communication so whenever anything goes wrong in your teen's life, then instead of saying "my mom shouldn't know about this" he'd say "I need to talk to my mom about this". Because at the end of the day, thats what matters the most.


Teaching Teens/pre-teens to think for themselves.

How do you prepare your teen for the real world? you won't be there forever to guide him in deciding what's right and wrong. It's not always that teens adhere to our advice let alone ask for it. I will teach you how not to force your opinions on your kids and help them harbour questioning mind. One that satisfies only with reasoning.


Tools for a safe digital online experience

Screens have found a way into our homes. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok are the new normal. As a parent, it might give you nightmares. we talk about tackling cyberbullying, sexting, pornography, body image issues. Learn how to comfortably talk about these topics to your teens without it sounding awkward or a sex-ed class.


Setting boundaries and disciplining your teen without yelling.

With the help of cases studies of other parents, find out the best ways to discipline a teen. yelling, spanking, taking their devices away will work for sure but not for long. it will only encourage them to invent newer ways of not getting caught the next time.


Raising emotionally stable, independant and happy adults.

Teens have a lot going on in their minds. Raging hormones, new body changes to adapt to, an urge to experiment, to prove themselves to their peers and parents. All of this makes them unstable. We need to teach them how to process their emotions better. we will talk about research-backed outlets to manage teen feelings like anger, sadness, jealousy and more.

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1. Research and experience backed tools and resources to help you with challenging teen behaviours. 2. Five live sessions with dedicated time where your queries will be answered one to one. 3.Invitation to join an all exclusive closed Facebook parents support group. 4. Self- paced learning pre-recorded videos in case you missed the live sessions, because we know you're a parent, 5. Certificate at the end of the course.

Any parent struggling with their pre teens (9 to 12yrs) or teenagers or individuals who wish to equip themselves with the right tools that can help them raise a confident, self reliant adult because parenting is something that should not be learnt on the job.

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Secrets to communicating with tweens and teen...

1. Common causes of clashes between parents and teens. 2. Behaviour modification ...

Streamed on 16th May 2021

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